Your new boss has arrived. Those are four key points that you should consider.

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It is Monday morning and the sector leader sends you a meeting request. You double click on the Outlook invitation and you see that the whole team is invited, the manager included. In a short break you ask a couple of colleagues what could be the reason of the gathering, but no-one has a clue. “Probably another great achievement in sales semester”, someone mentions with sarcasm.

You are in the meeting room just when the leader is checking for absences. “Everybody in the room?” he asks rather unconsciously. He gets a whispering confirmation and then he moves to the announcement of the managers’ employee termination. Your manager for ten years is fired, he is gone. You glance at him and you catch his face staring at a point in space, speechless. Everybody in the room is shocked and silent. You try to say something but you hesitate. A number of questions hover in your head, but you keep listening the leader.

Two weeks later, a new manager takes the lead on the team. Those are four points that will help you greet him and lead you to a successful working relationship:

Don’t be sentimental to his predecessor. Even if you had built an excellent relationship over the years, it was his superiors who decided to make the change. Be open to the change and bring positive energy in your team, because probably no one else will.

Be willing to help the newcomer. It is said that “The best new leaders spend the first three months asking questions and listening.” Help your new manager learn the ropes and adapt quickly to the new role. It will make him feel comfortable and start thinking that he can count on you.

Don’t wait to earn his appreciation. Tell him that you are committed to the team’s goals at the first one-on-one meeting. A number of managers consider team member’s loyalty as a key factor for successful results. He should know that you will be part of his development plan.

Relate with his background. Learn about your new manager. Ask questions about his marital status, his children and his hobbies. Show interest in getting to know him and offer information in return.

Your relationship with your new boss will be built through a series of conversations

Michael Watkins

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