Management & Babysitting (Part I)

Can you see any common ground between them? Have you ever thought about them in the same sentence? Well, I know I didn’t, not until very recently…

You find yourself managing all kinds of tasks, handling assignments,  participating in meetings, assuming and setting priorities, making phone calls, reading endless email threads, responding to numerous ad-hoc requests, following up on technical documents, reviewing code snippets, contributing to technical discussions, going along with business requirements and the list goes on and on.

flat view photography of four persons sitting facing laptop on desk

Does this seem like a lot of work? Well, it is, for those who really care. However, the most incomprehensible, inspiring, challenging, intriguing, interesting, stimulating part of the job has nothing to do with almost any of the above. And that part actually is to:

work along with anyone,
at anytime,
under any circumstances.

Let that sink in for a while… “Anyone”… “anytime”… “any circumstances”. Whether your are busy, hungry or in a hurry, at ease or in dire straights, focused or clouded, stressed or calm, to be able to listen to anyone, foreseeing his way, comprehending his attitude, understanding his meanings.

Oh man, I’m in awe of the depths of that human experience. And as far as I can tell, If there’s something really difficult to master in a workplace, this – is – the real deal. And I’ve seen top notch managers falling way too short to cope with, while others excelling big time.

It’s an endless mystery, an unease curiosity, an eager exploration of human life. To experience who we are, who you are, who I am, how we communicate. work and live together.

“Hey, I’m Kostas 🙂 Have a great day!”


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