The 23 steps of a meeting

  1. First, you check the reservation time schedule of the meeting rooms available.
  2. … And as always, you are interested in the one being closer to your office.
  3. You reserve it for as long as you need and set up a date.
  4. You prepare an invitation email and send it to the persons of interest. You are aware though that you should not to forget anybody; this is very important.
  5. 20 minutes later you get some objections regarding the date selected; not everybody though responded “yes” to the invitation as you hopped for.
  6. You reschedule the meeting for some other day and repeat step (3).meeting room
  7. (In the meeting room) 2 minutes time just for the local colleagues to join in. Not everybody is approaching the meeting room with the same positive energy. You know that many had to interrupt their ongoing tasks just to participate.
  8. Couple of heavy laughs, some unsuccessful jokes and not that many smiles for the next 3.5 minutes; couple of yawns too.
  9. Remote participants have been connected already; some “hi”s and “good morning”s coming of the speaker; teasing and laughing continue for the next 2 minutes.
  10. Everybody is quiet now. 1 minute to regroup, focus, sit comfortably and we are good to go.
  11. 1.5 minute to decide who is gonna start by sharing his screen.
  12. 3.5 minutes for the first speaker to actually share his screen to all others.
  13. 0.5 minutes for everybody to be confirm that they do see the screen; everything is set.
  14. Straight 25 minutes of uninterrupted speaking, for a 10-minutes presentation; more yawns.
  15. 2 minutes of silent awkwardness and relief after ending. No one have asked a question, so we move on.
  16. 2.5 minutes of dead silence and waiting for the next speaker to start; he’s just started sharing his screen.
  17. 7.5 minutes of fast talking, covering the next 10-minutes presentation.
  18. Questions are allowed as well, however in less that 1 minute the next presentation is on track.
  19. 2 minutes delay for setting up the screenshare.
  20. 4 minutes of talking now; some slides have been skipped really fast. Somebody is playing already with his empty cup of coffee; another one is looking out through the blinds. ” Why did she say such a thing the other day?… I haven’t forgot that… and I won’t! I’m really pissed at her… Oh! Stay focused!
  21. No questions this time -what a surprise-. 15 seconds breathless pause from everybody and… meeting is over is confirmed.
  22. Immediately, the -most anticipated- request for a 10-minutes break.
  23. Everybody agrees instantly and in 0.1 minutes the room is empty. “-Hey Nick… Please open the window to have some fresh air in here! Thanks man.”



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