Avoiding a problem won’t make it disappear


The problem you do care to solve is not an easy thing to deal with, this time. A “quick-fix” or a “fast and dirty” solution, is totally out of question and you know it from the very beginning. And not only that, but it’s all on your shoulders and there’s no one around to help or assist in any way. It seems that it needs more than you are used to. Now you may need  more than what you’ve been paid for!

You do know such cases, don’t you? You do have encountered problems in your work that require not only your full attention, but challenge your dedication, your hardworking ethics, your whole professional mindset. You do have dealt with pain-in-the-ass customer problems that won’t go miraculously away after a good night sleep, that won’t fade out in time, that won’t gonna be forgotten like a dream; they gonna stick there like…forever, looking at you, deep in your eyes.

And in moments like these, your inner self feels the overwhelming stress everyone talks about. Then your job skills go under intense test, your own character gloriously reveals itself to others involved. Dude, there’s no way around it; any weaknesses of yours cannot be hidden. Right then, there’s no cover-up like you used to as a teenager, no running away on feet like you were a kid, no asking for your mom or dad as a little brat. No, you are not allowed to be in panic, not this time. Your options are simple as that: either you turn a blind eye on the problem and act like an ostrich, or regroup yourself and solve it. What would you chose?


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