Shooting the Ball Vs Throwing the Ball

“Am I a shooter or thrower?” Quite an uncommon question, right? Does it sound stupid though? Childish? Well, maybe… or not? Hmm… however, can you name any difference between those two terms, shooter and thrower? And if so, in what way they differ? Who can tell the characteristics of shooting versus throwing? Maybe a basketball player ‘d be authorized to tell. But hey! We are not talking about basketball here, aren’t we?

We all want to succeed, to be successful, to be happy, respected etc. But, sometimes, or many times, or most of times, barely making it isn’t enough. Succeeding in a bombastic way though, in every sense, is lit!

Have you ever got the feeling that “making the basket”, or “banking it home” is just not enough? “Shooting the buzzer beater” on the other hand, “making it from way downtown”, that ‘d be really something,  right?

Shooting the ball assumes you ‘re smooth in releasing the ball from your hand. It means you do the follow-up with your arm, while your elbow aligns with the rim; the one that your eyes always point on. It also means you are physically strong in your core, gracefully balancing your body mass, mastering your shooting momentum, being in sync with your jump shot rhythm.

An the opposite side, throwing the ball is an entirely different story, not one many ‘d like to witness, or even remotely hear! As the unfortunate those who did, whisper wisely: “Blessed he who polished his ‘shot’ through dedication to his goal and unlimited practice”.

So, I’m asking again: thrower or a shooter? Who do I want to be? Who do you?

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