“Best regards” is a nice thing to say. But do you actually mean it?

You always look into customers’ tickets as thoroughly as possible. You provide technical analysis at its best, explaining in well-understood terms the reasoning behind all of your findings. You fill in mandatory fields, writing names and terms, attaching log files, highlighting crucial words or phrases,  inserting screenshots, images, video captures, links and emails.

After finishing all that, you proudly submit publicly your analysis, being more or less confident about your side of the story, some other times more than sure about the sounding content of yours.


And as it is used as a final touch, you write an email, just a few words to let some ‘outsiders’ know about the current status of the ticket of interest. A touch that just before your electronic signature, concludes with:

“With best regards
Kostas Baganas”

Having all said and done, all feeling nice and comfy, walking down the corridor towards the resting room, holding a glass of water, kind of smirking, being like “I’m having a good time right now; I’m feeling awesome”. Within less than a minute though you hear a sound on an incoming email to your phone. And the smirk just goes off.

Its that guy again, a colleague of yours, an authoritative figure in his office, a I-pretend-I-hear-you-but-I-am-so-full-of-my-head-that-I-don’t-hear-a-thing-you-re-saying type of person, who just replied to your email, in a way not that ‘complementary’ as someone may say.

As always he wants to make the last impression, suggesting implications that force you to go through the whole thing again in your head; the analysis, the problem, the customer, the logs, the testing, everything!

And after a while, having rechecked almost every angle in your mind, you are back again at ease, calm and relaxed; you didn’t mess things up. On the contrary, what you ‘ve done so far was correct in any way. And just a few moments later you find yourself paused; some things have started to changed.

(to be continued)

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